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Waterproof Case - DRYFOTO

Going on vacation and want to share the beautiful reef you see?
Your children are playing in the pool or the sea?
Want to take photographs in the pouring rain or snow?
With the new Camera Cover from MicFoto your camera is in safe hands!!

Waterproof Case - DRYFOTO

We offer the DryFoto waterproof, rain proof, sand and dust proof, camera and cellular phone cases, as direct import and exclusive distribution in Mexico (no re-selling) to water sports and beach products stores, dive and snorkel shops, tour operators, water and eco parks, beach clubs, souvenir stores, hotels, car rentals, cell phone stores, supermarkets and many more...
The DryFoto high quality product is already distributed and successfully sold in the countries of Israel, Egypt, Ecuador, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and USA and is currently expanding to Switzerland, Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Bahamas...
Produced in Israel under highest quality control, the DryFoto water proof protection cases are best quality primary material from Europe and USA and provides best functionality and endurance, superior to any similar product on the market today.

DryFoto advantages:
  • Waterproof Case - DRYFOTO
    DryFoto suits absolutely most digital cameras and cell phones on the market today !!
  • DryFoto allows easy operation of your camera or phone as the cover is made out of specifically formulated and flexible PVC material of premier quality !!
  • DryFoto 100% waterproof cases provide protection against salt water, rain, sand, dust, snow, spills, etc.
  • Take quality photographs with your own camera via the fully transparent lens and material with DryFoto !
  • Don't worry about losing your camera at sea as the DryFoto cover will float and remain at the surface !!
  • DryFoto allows perfect use for snorkeling, swimming, sailing, surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, diving, boating, kayaking, in waterparks, eco-parks, at the beach, at the swimming pool, and much more !!!

All this at the lowest price you can imagine:

* Suitable for all cameras no matter what shape or size
* Simple to assemble and use
* Can be submerged up to 20 feet (6m)
* Made of specially formulated transparent material
* Easy operation of camera buttons
* DryFoto can be used over and over and over...

Completetly airtight and waterproof - test before use

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