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Tropical Paradise visit St Barth

A wonderful trip to a wonderful Island – St. Barth

On the Saturday morning of September 07 tropical paradise visited St. Barth, Tal and I went on a boat trip to a tiny French Island called "St. Barths", a one hour boat trip from Anguilla.

St. Barth (also known as St. Barthelemy or St. Barth's) is one of the more exclusive islands of the Caribbean, a popular relaxing vacation spot of many movie celebrities and rock stars



Tropical Paradise Visit St. Barth, view beach

Tropical Paradise Visit St. Barth, Tal & Thierry

Tropical Paradise Visit St. Barth, blue

Tropical Paradise Visit St. Barth, view beach

The landscape is characterized by green rolling hills (highest top: 938 ft, Morne du Vitet), and 22 fabulous beaches, some only accessible by foot

You can see here some more beautiful photos of the Island taken by a professional photographer and a pro-kiter - Harold Quinquis.

The Island is only eight square miles small, housing around 6,500 people.

We spent the night at the beautiful hotel Auberge De La Petite Anse (soon a special page for this paradise). The hotel is located on the mountain’s side, the Turqoise water is spread right under its feet. The rooms are amazingly beautiful and very comfortable. The balcony is located on a dreamy view of the ocean and the mountains are right there to see...

We rented a small Jeep and toured the island. We were fortunate enough to see the whole Island within 2 days of being there. And it was a very unique experience...

The Island is literally located on mountains and it felt like we were at Disney land on a train, when the roads took you up and down...

There are great beaches and spots for surfing at St. Barth. Surfing can be practised in quite a number of bays at the Island, but only a few of them are shaped to produce the beautiful rolling waves with a crest of foam that the young copper-skinned, straw-haired surfers prefer: Toiny, Lorient, Anse des Cayes and Saint-Jean.

You can see here some amazing surf photos taken by Pierre Carreau

There are no casinos on the Island, but the nightlife is huge and there are very popular places which always packed with people, such aBar de l'Oubli and Le Select bar.

We enjoyed excellent French restaurants, bars and some shops. Most of the shops where closed due to the low season of tourism on the Island.

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