Virginia Power Kites Virginia Beach, VA

by Raphael Comprone
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Virginia Power Kites Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Power Kites is a kiteboarding school with PASA certified instructors. We offer year round kiteboarding instruction in all disciplines: kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kite landboarding, kite buggying, snow kiting, wake kiting and kite scudding. We offer kiteboarding camps and kiteboarding lessons, and we also sell kiteboarding equipment and gear from RRD, HQ, Epic, Mystic, and many other brands at our online store at You may contact Raphael at to sign up for lessons in the Virginia Beach or Outer Banks area. We give lessons in the Sandbridge area as well as along the North End of Virginia Beach. We emphasize personalized, one on one instruction. There are a large variety of hotels available throughout Virginia Beach as well as fine dining, concerts, and shopping. We kiteboard all year round, so you can contact us anytime. Contact us at 1-804-477-1723 for further details.

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