Tropical Paradise test Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

After 3 weeks of test with the best kite of the world ;-)

Tropical Paradise test Cabrinha Crossbow IDS. I started the kitesurfing in 2001 in Bordeaux (France), this day I was also windsurfing a lot in Europe. my first was a Wipika FreeAir 15 m in 2 lines with any emergency system ;-(. Very scary this day this sport, few months after, I got my first Naish where the system was not effective then I had to change the front line to add a Wichard (release system for Boat) and on ma back line, I had added a trapeze handle from Hobie Cat..


Oh yeah and it was working very well but with some limit. Imagine to "put" your kite in, 25 knots by yourself. I was pretty good at this exercise, that's why i was very happy to get the 5th line in 2003 in my Wipika Matrix. Kiting alone in Anguilla some days were scaring and this system bring a breath of safety.


Long story short, just to share with you that this IDS from Cabrinha is going to change the kitesurfing for all beginners and pro riders. Now let's talk about test now ;-).


Wow, I really like the new IDS bar, it is totally different, a simple 121 affair with no pulleys. It has fully molded EVA bar ends that are easy on the hands and also perfect for winding lines around. The set up utilizes the Intelligent Depower System or IDS for short.


This starts at the bar where a short IDS line is attached to the chicken loop. When you release the chicken loop. you are still connected by the IDS line, which runs just a few meters up the front lines. There is a secondary release to completely ditch the kite. There is more to the IDS than just an extra line though. The bridle on the Crossbow has completely redesigned as well.

Tropical Paradise test Cabrinha Crossbow IDS: if you like full power...


The Crossbow is always associated with a heavier bar pressure but this year, the feeling are different even it's still pulling ;-). Through the air the kite is very fast indeed and small movements on the bar will generate an instant response with the steering of the kite. The extra agility allows you to really move the kite aggressively around the window.


This adds up to the thing that loads of free riders out there will love. Hangtime. The IDS is impressive to say the least and when and when it is powered it will rip you off the water with some force.


I was riding 2 years the Switchblade in 12 but this year I wanted to ride in 10 m in waves and get the same power and my response is this kite: Loads of performance, fast to turn and guaranteed to excite you. The IDS system also makes the set up extremely safe.

Tropical Paradise, Thierry Dehove in 2002Me in 2002... ;-)

tropical paradise test cabrinha crossbow ids 10 2009

tropical paradise test cabrinha crossbow ids 10 2009

Tropical Paradise test Cabrinha Crossbow IDS: I feel safe with this IDS,
better than the traditional 5h line..

tropical paradise test cabrinha crossbow ids 10 2009

I have no doubt, this kite is the best kites Cabrinha put onto the market, completely different to the Crossbow of old, which were all great kites, but the new kite is faster, smoother and altogether more exciting to ride! and last thing I would like to share with you:

Tropical Paradise test Cabrinha Crossbow IDS: tested in waves

This morning (Sept, 7th) I was riding with my CrossBow IDS 10 and my Cabrinha S-quad 5'3, with 15/20 knots and 1,5/2 m of waves. Then it was a good day to test an emergency with this system.

Then I put my kite my CB 10 in waves, pulled the Quick Release System QRS and was only attached with the 5th line = IDS. The kite went to her back and stay in this time, doing some jump up and down.

Perfect situation perfect the waves can not damaged this kite in this position. After a while the kite went on the leading edge. With no power on the line, I was able to “reattached” my QRS pulling the "5th line" and after it’s the ritual process to relaunch a Bow.

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