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Welcome to the Tropical Paradise News July 2008,
Amazing kite equipment deals, great new kite videos, Brazil kiting, Spain kite adventure, Saint Martin new water sport photos & more...

tropical paradise

Hello and welcome to our Tropical Paradise.
Not like any other website, we are here to take you by the hand, step by step in planing your perfect vacation and enjoy the Caribbean water sports.

Whether it is a great family trip you are planning, kitesurf or windsurfing trip, the best romantic vacation, a fun watersport trip or any other dream vacation you have on your mind - We here to make your dream come true!
We are here to bring you the best stories, updates, photos and videos from the Caribbean water sports and life style once in a month, so don't forget to subscribe and enjoy the newsletters!

What's New since our last Tropical Paradise newsletter ?

Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

-15% on all new Cabrinha kites equipment from 2008!!!

Best prices, best deals, best equipment.
Tropical Paradise special deals for all Cabrinha kite equipment for all the new model of 2008!!!
Go to Cabrinha kite equipment shop now

Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Harold Quinquis - Wax Up

Harold Quinquis is one of the best kitesurfers in the world and he gave Tropical Paradise some new great videos. See for yourself...

Click here for Harold Quinquis - Wax Up


Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Kiting In Brazil - Mega Downwinders & Kite Safaris in CEARÁ, BRAZIL

As many know by now, the Northeast coast of Brazil is blessed every year with reliable trade winds which turn the area into a giant playground for kitesurfers from all over the world, guaranteeing wind almost every day from July to January....
Click for more about Mega Downwinders&Kite Safaris


Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Jeremie had a kite surfing trip in Spain and he shares his adventures, photos and feelings.... Check this out!

I left Nice Airport on thursday ( France ) and flew to Zurich where I had to catch an other plane to Malaga in Spain (see more kiteboarding information below).
Alberto the Ocean Rodeo dealer in Spain, came to pick me up at the airport.
Click here to Jeremie's adventures


Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Saint Martin Island was blessed with some great wind this June! And we were there, kiting and photographing...

We had some great windy days this month and we spent lots of hours on the beach, running between kitesurfing to photographing...It was a real fun days.
Click here to go to Saint Martin kite photos days


Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing section

Our goal at Tropical Paradise is to make sure that you have found all the answers to your questions. Therefor we have improved the kitesurfing section. See for yourself.... Tips, history, information, tricks and more
See Tropical Paradise's kitesurfing section

Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008
Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008
Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Tropical Paradise Banner Design

Tropical Paradise "Custom Web Banner Design" provides the highest quality web banner design services backed up by unmatched personalized customer support. We have created static (.GIF and .JPG) web banners for several successful banner ad campaigns.
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Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Tropical Paradise Forum

We are happy to announce that after a lots of hard work, we did it - Tropical Paradise Forum is here.
Tropical Paradise real Free Riders Community... It’s all about kite surfing, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, diving... Snowboarding, skydiving... Everything that makes you happy and free at the Caribbean and all over the world !!!
Right now, it’s the beginning, so feel free to share and show your trips, photos, stories and more.... Also please send us ideas to make this forum your Forum...
Go to Tropical Paradise Forum


Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Tropical Paradise Great Deals: Cabrinha's equipement at - 10% off for Europe

Kiteboarding sale for Europe orders. You make euro but buy in US Dollar !!!kiteboarding sale of Tropical Paradise is here for you!
We all know the current situation with the Dollar and Euro...(April 08, 1 Euro = 1,60 US).

Wanna read more? press here



Tropical Paradise, Winter 2008

Villas in the Caribbean are the stuff that dreams are made of.

Comfort and luxury combine with sun, sand and surf to create a paradise of leisure and relaxation.Caribbean villa rentals allow you to immerse yourself in the laid-back tropical lifestyle of your island of choice while enjoying the freedom and privacy of your own elegant home. With over 900 villas on 21 islands throughout the Caribbean, Luxury Retreats can help you find the Caribbean villa you've been dreaming of. Click here now for more details


What else do we offer?...


1 - Looking for a place to stay at the Caribbean?
Just tell us...
tropical Pradise

e have established wonderful relationships with Hotel and Villa owners in Anguilla and Saint Martin, St Barths and other Caribbean Islands, so that you can be assured that you will get the best Tropical Accommodations and at the best price.
We also have relationships with Villa and hotel owners in Saint Martin , World-class Anguilla accommodations and St Barths. The Islands have extraordinary dining and accommodations by the beach and it is a wonderful tropical destination for people looking to relax but yet enjoy the fruits of culture, shopping and nightlife.


1 - Enjoy now in the Caribbean
Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Kite Boarding Lessons.

Imagine being able to learn how to glide across water on a slick board at twenty miles per hour and then lift off like a bird and glide fifty feet through the air. A rush that words really can't describe. You can now make this dream reality by booking Caribbean kite lessons through Tropical Paradise while visiting Anguilla or Saint Martin.

Check out the rates, ask questions and book Kitesurfing lesson online while your visiting Anguilla or Saint Martin.

2 – Caribbean Scuba diving
Welcome to World Class Scuba Diving.
Neptune Dive Club, is painted in the colours of the sun, is ideally located in the center of Orient Bay beach.

Join us in a family atmosphere while instructors will become your friends. Not like other clubs, we organize diving groups of a maximum of 7 people to ensure a friendly atmosphere in a yet secured environment.
Come check out how you can make diving a part of your Tropical Getaway.
3 - Tropical Paradise Trip on a Beautiful Boat
If you are looking for rent your own boat, take an unforgettable cruise, searching for a week or more of pleasure or just a day of fun, Tropical Paradise is inviting you on board of its exceptional sailing boats to discover all the richness and the beauty of the Caribbean islands…

Read more about this fascinating Caribbean boat adventure.

Tropical Paradise Kite Equipment Shop

2008 New Cabrinha Equipment Launches!
tropical Pradise

Get your orders in now during our 10% off special and shipped right to your door for FREE.

Unbeatable value, customer service and pricing. Order Cabrinha kite equipment now with our unbeatable offers! If you want kitesurfing equipment that allows you to learn faster, ride better and be safer, you can rely on Tropical Paradise for tried and tested kitesurfing equipment at the best price and quality.

After countless hours of research and testing we are pleased to offer you the final TWO weeks of our Cabrinha kite special for all 2007 model kites and accessories. Upgrade today and enjoy all the benefits

Click Here to Visit our Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing Equipment store

We will continue to expand the Cabrinha online outlet store over time to make sure that you always have the best and most up to date equipment to enjoy your kitesurfing adventures.

We are also offering FREE shipping anywhere in USA or Canada.
Come take advantage of our Cabrinha kite equipment special now, click here!

Visit our kitesurfing equipment shop now!

Interesting and Important Information

Amazing photos, exclusive stories, fascinating articles, videos and more...
tropical Pradise

Wonderful updated photos that we are taking ourselves, or taken by pro phtographer will blow your mind...Enjoy the great articles about everything you want to know, enjoy the water sports videos that we have filmed just for you!!!
Enjoy. That is Tropical Paradise goal.

Please click here to visit "Photo gallery and articles" page

We would like to thank you all for your support on this web site, we are here for you, to help, to share, to make your dreams come true.

Also, PLEASE share any of your thoughts or suggestions with us. We always appreciate feedback as we are interested in making each and every newsletter edition as helpful and meaningful as possible :-)
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Love and happiness always
Thierry and Tal

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