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tropical paradise kitesurfing

Experience world class kiteboarding lessons on the beautiful island of Anguilla with our level 1 instructors and the most modern kite gear available. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro you’re guaranteed to have a an awesome time on the water
with our team and we look forward to hanging with you.


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Our Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing page has been designed to provide you with the opportunity to learn how to kiteboard in Anguilla.


SIDENOTE: Anguilla kite lessons are in high demand and usually needs pre-booking a couple of months in advance.  You can book your kite lesson now to secure your spot.


When we teach kitesurfing we always use the most recent and up to date equipment.


Once you’re our customer, you’ll learn all about the secret kiteboarding spots and great places to visit while visiting the beautiful island of Anguilla.



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