The Caribbean discovering the snow

by Jeremie Tronet
(The World)

Happy new year everyone ! I wish you all a lot of travels, wind, waves, girls, guys, …

So as Mallory de la Villemarqué and I are use to, we did not plan this last road trip all over Europe. It started with a phone call and we took the decision 5 minutes later to go visit some friends around France and Switzerland to celebrate new year with everyone !

I was a good opportunity for me to see the snow… I had seen it 2 times before, once when I was 3 year old and a second time last year in the French riviera for a few minutes before it melted touching the ground.

We took the car and drove to Gap where we met some crazy Frenchies who celebrate the 30th as a big party ! We definitely had to join it and it was epic. We started around 8pm and finished dead at 1 am.

The next day we started to shoot one of the funniest travel series I have done yet …. I won’t tell to much about it, and I guess you will be able to make your own opinion with some of the pictures I am posting here.

The 31st we drove all the way to Switzerland where friends of Mallory had rented a really nice chalet up int he white mountain. The 31st was on and the party even better than expected …. The Swiss definetlyknow how to enjoy the pleasures of life !!

The next day we had to recover from shooting in the cold the .... Read the rest of the story here: 

cheers and thanks for sharing


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