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Tandem Surfing Lacanau Beach Competition

Tropical Paradise visits Lacanau Waterman Ocean Games competition
27-28 September

tandem surfing lacanau beach


Tandem surfing Lacanau watermen Games took place on September 27th, 28th 2008 and we were lucky to be there.

The weather was great, not hot and not cold at all...We were on Lacanau beach, the most famous water sports beach in France, located not far from Bordeaux area. The competing games where long board competition, Stand Up Paddle and the Tandem.

Wonderful sport that was developed in Waikiki and involves a man and a woman standing together on a single board to a series of technical lifts and international competitions. The first photographic record of tandem surfing was in the 1930’s. With the shortboard revolution of the early 70's, tandem surfing all but disappeared from the surfing world. In most cases, a competitive couple includes a girl with either a dancing or an acrobatic background familiar with flaunting her body and a man who knows his ways on the board since a while, so he can manage his own weight and balance among the girl's balance on the same board.

How did it start?
At the old days in Waikiki, the beach boys used to take girls or tourists women out for rides on their boards. In order to create some extra excitement and perfect show the people who had been watching from the beach, they would pick the gals up into a shoulder sit and probably even do shoulder stands.

We saw amazing Tandem tricks, beautiful waves and a lot of good people that took part of the event or just enjoyed watching the action as we did. 

Tandem Surfing Lacanau Beach Competition Tandem Surfing Lacanau Beach Competition
Tandem Surfing Lacanau Beach Competition Tandem Surfing Lacanau Beach Competition

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