swim with sharksSwim With sharks by Jeremie Tronet

Swim with sharks adventure - by Jeremie:
It has been almost 1 month and a half we have been staying here on the island of Union. We are now spending our last week down here before we go to Grenada for a few days and after that we go to coche, Venezuela in front of Margarita where the PKRA will be happening.

Unfortunately I won't be there for the contest because I need to get my new gear, but I hope to arrive there before the end of the comp to see some of my friends that will be competing.


The wind wasn't really good the last days down here in the Caribbean, but we had some great sessions, taking pictures and filming more for my next video.

When the wind went down, I went spear fishing with Lee and Thomas, two friends on the island.

swim with sharksThe diving here is incredible, the clear blue water has thousands of fish to offer. We are fishing only the big ones like barracudas and spanish makrel.


To see what's under our boards is quite a different from what we are use to see when we are kiting, and scary in the same time.

I just realized that there were many sharkss around the different spots we have been kiting.
While spear fishing with Lee, we crossed many different kinds of sharkss with different sizes.
Lemon sharkss, nurse sharkss and the black tip reef sharks.


Most of them are not really dangerous and didn't cause many deadly attack in the world. They are beautiful and strong animals that can take off your arm or leg in a second ... hahaha so it is always a bit scary to swim around them.

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swim with sharks swim with sharks
swim with sharks swim with sharks

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