Susi Mai kitesurfing girl

by Susi Mai
(Maui, Hawaii)

Susi Mai kitesurfing girl

Susi Mai kitesurfing girl

Susi Mai Kitesurfing Girl shares:

Where are you from? I was born in Munich, Germany.

Your age? 24

Where did you grow up? Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Any kite sponsors? Who? Cabrinha, Red Bull, Animal

Special achievements...? 1st place Red Bull King of the Air 03/04/05
Top 5 PKRA world tour since 2003

Life occupation besides kite... my computer....

Tell me a little bit about yourself
My parents were windsurfers and moved to the caribbean to get away from city life. i was

brought up very freely and i think that is partly why i can identify so much with

kiteboarding, because it is such a free sport.


Music? Anything on tom's (my boyfriend's) ipod!

Interested in..? surfing, skydiving, chocolate, friends, my family

Food? yes!!!


Heroes? dre. travis pastrana.

Favorite kitesurfing spots for you? anywhere warm. I love the caribbean because I grew up


Places you have been kiting at... all over the world!

How long have you been kitesurfing? 6 years

Why kitesurfing? they guys on the beach were cute ;) haha, no just joking. I tried it and

it just happened!


What does your family think of this? they support me 100 %

What does this sport mean to you? it's my life!

Favorite tricks? flat 3 and big jumps overpowered on a 6m


What does this sport demand of you? it takes up all of my time and it makes me travel a

lot, sometimes I wish I could spend more time at home...

Have you ever been in an accident? no...... (knock on wood) wishes for the future? I see kiting growing and becoming part of the


Feel free to write anything else you would like to share!
I would love to see more girls get into the sport! We need more chicks to ride with :)


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