Surfing the Caribbean

Surfing the Caribbean: sandy beach and turquoise water all the year


Tropical paradise about usThere are waves worth riding in the Caribbean ! If you want a really great ride, read on and discover some of the places and establishments that will help you to ride the surf in the Caribbean. If you're already a surfer, here are good places to indulge...and if you just want to learn, there are a few places that will get you started and teach you the right way to surf safely.


Maybe you're already a surfer, and don't need to attend a school or camp, but just want to hit the beaches and get to the waves? Then take a look at this Surf Map below, which will give you a map and descriptive list of the best places to surf.


There are other places to surf in the Caribbean

I haven't included them all , but the best waves you will find on the windward sides of the islands and remember - not all are safe areas for surfing, so use a measure of caution before setting out, and get some local advice on water conditions.


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