Sunset on my dreams

by BOLLARD Bastien

"Sunset on my dreams" is a nostalgic movie , about my 3 months trip in South America ...

It's a look back my shoulder , on the beautiful things i saw on this continent . It s a look on the way of life i had . But it s also about some strange feelings i had there, discovering that everywhere the human being is following the bad way for earth healt ... Theses bad feelings are for me like a "Sunset on my dreams" ...

This trip was for me a plung into the wild , most of the time far away from the big towns, as close as possible of the nature ...Living the dream .But it was at the same time discovering that fishermen kill sealion in Perou ,that the forest in Chile is in danger , as in Brasil ...

Please take time to look till the end this movie ...Nature is beautiful , but we have to take care of it ...

Respect it.... to avoid "Sunset on your dreams"

Sunset on my dreams


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Dec 24, 2010
by: Thierry

Great Video Man
Hope the world will wake up soon before it will be too late

Shanti, T

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