Sunset Beach Vacations
Amir and Helena's magical Honeymoon

"It was the best of our sunset beach vacations we ever had...Tropical Paradise made the perfect honeymoon for us!!"
Amir and Helena's Tropical Paradise Caribbean testimonial:

Sunset beach vacations will not be the same for Amir and Helena after visiting Saint Martin and Anguilla....

"We contacted Tropical Paradise and Tal helped us go through the steps before arriving.

As we arrived at first to Saint Martin, we were not sure about anything. Is it going to be what we wish for? Are the views and stories are real? Will we have the greatest honeymoon ever?
and yes. We did.


As we arrived to the Villa Casa T case, we could barley breath from excitement...We saw a magical place, with amazing pool and the view to the sea and the small Pinel Island behind it. It was the perfect sight. Blue, turquoise and green washed our eyes and our minds. Also we met sweet Patricia, the owner and she took care of us every step of our honeymoon!"
Amir says: "Every person has this dream in his life, to get to a place like that, even for once in his life.... and there we were. Inside our own dream.
I have never thought that I will open two huge windows at the morning during my sunset beach vacations, and will see this perfect view I saw... The pool combines with the turquoise water of the sea and washed my brain with happiness. I went to a fresh morning shower with and the water felt like a gentle water fall on my skin, waking me from the dreamy night to a dreamy day in our best sunset beach vacations.
After this perfect wake up, I had a great breakfast with my beautiful wife, next to the pool, with the amazing view in-front of us...

After our breakfast, we went into our pool, sitting on the flooding chair with a cold drink our hand. The thoughts flew freely around with the cuddling wind and we were flying together...

It was so peaceful...we enjoyed this place for noise, no one else...Just me, my lovely wife, the peaceful quite and the water sounds.

At the evening, after you say goodbye to the sun we ate something light and went out.
Everyday somewhere else.
There is so much to do!!

We had a great diving together, first time for both of us! Also we took a kayak and paddled to a close Island, where we ere completely alone, just us and the nature...

The night life in Saint Martin are so colorful, so temptating, so different from anything we knew before...
We could live like that for a long time, if it wasn't the life routine and money issue, that would have to prevent it...

One day we went also to Anguilla.....
Anguilla feels like it is a magical spot at the end of the world.... Crystal water, amazing privacy together...
The beaches are white sanded, long and abandon, most of them.
Quite and peaceful that healing the soul and mind...

We also discovered Marigot, a great area on the French side of Saint Martin. At Marigot we enjoyed a perfect sunset, more beautiful than in a photo!!! We enjoyed allots of shopping areas (even a mall!!), restaurants, coffee shops, flee market, bars and more....We wish that we had more time to spend at that spot...

At this vacation, we understood that no photo, as good as it may be and no information will describe the feeling you have when you actually see this places and feel the sand under your feet.

Tropical Paradise made our during my sunset beach vacations honeymoon perfect...We can't wait to go back!!!"

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint MartinHelena relaxing

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint MartinAmir on the Kayak

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint MartinSunset in Marogot @ Amir

best tropical paradiseRelaxing at the Villa's pool

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint MartinHelena at Meads Bay

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint MartinHelena & Amir with the Villa owner, Patricia

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint Martin
Amir during his diving adventure
best tropical paradise
Happy girl
best tropical paradise best tropical paradise
best tropical paradise best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

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