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New World Speed Record to Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Rob Douglas cracks a speed record
of 49.84 knots with the Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Luderitz Speed 2008 - Rob Douglas world record 49.84kt 

New World Speed Record to Cabrinha Crossbow IDS: Rob Douglas, from Martha's Vineyard (USA) proved the world on October 6th 2008 in Luderitz, Namibia, that the Cabrinha Crossbow IDS is the fastess sailing craft that exists.Rob is one of the most professionally equipped and methodical kitesurfing athletes we've seen in a long time so his incredible rise to the top of the speed chain did not come by accident. He is joined in Luderitz by Olympic silver medalist Mike

Gebhart who has acted as coach, trainer and equipment assistant during the campaign. At 5'11 inches and yielding a solid 225 lbs of muscle, Rob is the perfect candidate for speed sailing. And it was proven.

The world speed record was previously held by Antoine Albeau on a Neil Pryde windsurfing rig, but the WSSR Council has announced the ratification of a new world record for the Outright Sailing Speed Record by a Kitesurfer.

The details:
Outright Sailing Speed Record by a Kitesurfer.
Amundson Custom Kite Board. 7m Crossbow Kite
Kitesurfer Name: Robert Douglas from USA
Dates: 19th September 2008
Start time: 15; 16; 32.65
Finish time: 15; 16; 52.15
Elapsed time: 19.5 seconds
Distance: 501 metres
Current: 0.1 knot
Wind: 40/45kts SSW
Average speed: 49.84 knots

world speed record to cabrinha crossbow ids

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