Sensi Graves, Pro Kite Girl

by Sensi Graves
(United States)

Sensi Graves, Pro Kite Girl

Sensi Graves, Pro Kite Girl

Sensi Graves, Pro Kite Girl

Your age?: 23

Years of experience: 4

Places in the world you did kitesurfing: British Virgin Islands, California (various places), Maui, Outer Banks, NC, New York, Philippines, Hood River, OR.

Special Achievments, if any: Organized 1st ever Sunset Swim Fashion Show at the Triple S in North Carolina, placed 4th at the Ro Sham Throw Down in Hood River, special achievement award at Wind or No Wind event.

Any kite sponsors, if any: can't announce yet.

Personal URL, if any:

Other personal information you think we should know: I love to write, kite and travel. I do it already on my blog and would just love to spread the love as much as possible. Let's inspire others to embrace and share our lifestyle! I've been published in SBC Kiteboard and Kiteboarding magazine.

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