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Scuba Partner for Life

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint MartinNow after 25 years.... A true caribbean testimonial...

scuba partnerMe, my sister and dad long time ago ;-)

scuba partner

scuba partner

scuba partner

scuba partner

The diving addiction runs in my family and my best scuba partner at the Caribbean is my son, Thierry...I became addicted to the wonderful adventurous under water beauty about thirty years ago and so did he.

I fell in love with scuba diving during holidays at the Mediterranean coast.

Scuba diving became a real passion and while passing all the patents, I practically dived in all the seas of the world.

The underwater beauties like pelagic and fixed fauna encouraged me to share this passion with my children, Thierry and Catherine. I was so fortunate to pass this underwater beauty onto my children.
Unfortunately life does not proceed like a quiet river always and I was separated from my children for too a long. BUT, I am so grateful to be back in contact with them and enjoy and cherish wonderful times with them. Thierry, I am so proud of you and what you have achieved. You have a beautiful web site that makes peoples travel dreams come true.

Thierry invited me to come to see his "Tropical Paradise" in the Caribbean. During my stay, in Saint Martin's I was fortunate enough to dive with Thirry. We dived together with Fabien (scuba-diving to manage in Orient Bay).

I can't even begin to explain the feeling of diving with my son after being a part for so many years. It was like we connected again from when he was a child and in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
For anyone looking at planning a getaway vacation to the Caribbean contact Thierry to find out how your travel dreams can come true.
Thierry, I am here with you and not even a shark or Baracuda can separate us.

Thanks  "Tropical Paradise Caribbean Testimonial ” and see you soon!


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