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My Scuba Diving Pics

"My first scuba diving pics were in Saint Martin"

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint MartinThierry and Tal (T&T)

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint Martin

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint Martin

I’ve watched T.V shows all my life about scuba-diving and saw allot of scuba diving pics, but on the first moment I was surrounded by the real deep blue water – I was shocked.

We were just a few people; Me, Thierry and Fabien "Le Gros" - the scuba-diving manager and a few more people that joined us to dive.

Fabien was leading and we all swam behind him.

Except me- I was not swimming, I was flying…I saw amazing colors, shapes and animals that I’ve never seen before.

I saw sharks, but the nice kind, beautiful endless colorful fish, a sea turtle was swimming calmly, ignoring our existence and amazing colorful riff and all kind of shells and stones were spread around me. Even few dolphins where smiling to us from far away.

I felt very safe. I was diving hand by hand with Thierry and Fabien was watching us all the time, pointing with his fingers on a special spots in the water, following our oxygen status every once in a while and the diving was calm, fun and magic.

After that first time in the deep turquoise-
I couldn’t stop diving every once in a while. 

So I stayed at the Caribbean!

So I learn to Kitesurf, kept on scuba - dive many times after and enjoy the Island as much as I can! 

Thanks Tropical-Paradise for helping me make my under water dreams come true!


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