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Overview - Screamer Epic Kites 2012 - What's New?

You wanna talk sick graphics package? Check out the 3G Screamer.

We've been keeping our designers busy, but the payoff is the best looking kite in the sky. The 3G Screamer is the evolution of the 2011 LTD kite. We've used creative strut design and tricked it out to be even more powerful and a little less fussy. The 3G Screamers are like a day at the rodeo... once those gates open - BOOM - it's a fun, wild and exhilarating ride that you go home and brag to your friends about.

We're talking balls to the wall hang time, to the moon height and enough stoke to last a lifetime. If you want to see what we're thinking for our 4G line, check out the 3G Screamer LTD 10 meter and take in some of the new features.


Features & Sizes


Extra reinforcement on scuff pad joints
Durable bridle attachments
Secure one pump system
Carbon-Tough scuff pads
Ribbed Carbon-Tough scuff pads
Triple welded leading edge
Bridle deflectors on wing tips
Fused strut connections
Adjustable speed settings
Valve locks
Bomber construction on wing tips
TE scuff pads on top
Versatile durable bag

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