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Renegade Epic Kites 2012

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Overview - Renegade Epic Kites 2012 - What's New?

Throughout 2011, the RENEGADE was the kite that everyone was talking about! The response was amazing from riders across the globe with varied riding styles and needs.

The 3G Renegades have new sizes, so now there is one for every rider need. We'll be producing them in 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 sizes as well as the popular light wind Infinity.

The Renegade "INFINITY" proved to be our best seller, and will be back as a V2 to complete the Renegade line. The Infinity set the benchmark for powered kiting in light wind conditions. The 3G Renegades have a sleek new look, a more powerful profile, is even more stable and eats gusts like fatties at a free buffet.

If you want a kite that is more reliable and predictable than ever, the Renegade is the tool for you. Packed with power and precision this kite delivers in waves, freeride and any other condition you can throw at it. Bottom line — this kite is best in class!


Features & Sizes


Extra 15M Line Set for waves or teaching
Durable bridle attachments
Secure one pump system
Triple welded leading edge
Ribbed Carbon-Tough scuff pads
Fused strut connections
Adjustable speed settings
Bomber construction on strut tips
Bridle deflectors on strut tips
TE Scuff pads
Easy pump attachment
Valve lock
Versatile durable bag

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Renegade Epic Kites Colors

Renegade Epic Kites Colors

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