Diving in St Martin with my father.
Pictures on Dolphins

Pictures on Dolphins. You will see wonderful Pictures on this page

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites Dance with Dolphins...
It was my dream... it's come true

Fabien passed away. RIP mon Ami

Here is a little bit about my Diving adventure.

I went to dive with my father in Saint Martin with Neptune Diving Club.

I used to dive with my father in France, Egypt, Israel, Spain...

Pictures on Dolphins. It was magical - we did 2 dives per day, in the morning when the light was perfect and we got exactly what we asked for.

Tropical paradise about usWe saw Dolphins, shark, lobster, turtle, Baracudas and reef fishes.

Fabien is the owner of Neptune Diving School. I call him the "big boss"! He knows all the great spots to dive in Saint Martin.

Since I was a child I have always dreamed of Dancing with Dolphins in thier world -- the sea!


Love story ?

Nineteen centuries ago, Plutarch, a Greek moralist and biographer made this statement: "to the dolphin alone, beyond all other, nature has granted what the best philosophers seek: friendship for no advantage".

Tropical paradise about usIn our own times Barbara Tufty made the comment "he [Dolphins] also exhibits a friendly willingness to cooperate with other earth creatures -- a rare attribute which another animal, Homo Sapiens, has not yet learned to do with any consistency".

Apparently there is something quite impressive about Dolphins. Not only now, when we are learning so much more about them, but even in the year 62 AD!

Outside of his striking friendliness, the Dolphin seems to have been blessed with a well developed sense of humor.

Dolphins have been known to silently maneuver behind an unsuspecting pelican and snatch its tail feathers -- usually leaving the bird minus a few.

Tropical paradise about usOther pranks include grabbing unsuspecting fish by the tail, pulling them backward a few feet as well as bothering slow turtles by rolling them over and over.

Once a dolphin was seen placing a piece of squid near a grouper's rock cranny. When the fish came out, the dolphin promptly snatched the bait away, leaving the puzzled fish behind.

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Tropical paradise about usWelcome to Neptune Diving Center

Neptune Dive Club is ideally located on the Orient Bay beach (Saint Martin), on the French side of the Island. Certified CMAS and PADI, we offer every day diving initiation, PADI certification and scuba diving sessions. We invite you to discover one of the 55 diving spots of Saint Martin and explore its outstanding sea life including breathtaking Caribbean tropical fishes, corals reefs, wrecks, caves and canyons. Maybe you will even get pictures on Dolphins and do some Caribbean snorkeling.

We offer daily snorkeling trips in different locations of the natural reserves. The sea life in Saint Tropical paradise about usMartin is very divers and offers outstanding sites. Join us to discover Caribbean tropical fishes, such as balloon fish, parrot fish, French angel fish, lobsters, turtles, and much, more... Orient Bay beach of St Martin is ideally situated in front of 2 natural reserve islands, Green Cay and Tintamarre, well known for its famous mud bath.

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Welcome to Orient Bay Beach and Pictures on Dolphins.

Neptune Dive Club, is painted in the colours of sun, is ideally located in the center of Orient Bay beach.

The boat, 26 feet and partially covered will take you to one of the sites. Instructors are BEESI and PADI certified. Join us in a family atmosphere while instructors will become your friends. Tropical paradise about usNot like other clubs, we organize diving groups of a maximum of 7 people to ensure a friendly atmosphere in a yet secured environment.

We are open everyday from 9 AM to 5 PM and offer several departures during the day for groups, individual or more exclusively underwater Weddings. We also have full day diving options in Tintamare with barbecue organized for lunch on the Island. Tell us what you want and we’ll try to best accommodate your wishes.

Want to see and get pictures on Dolphins ? Ask Fabien..

Tropical paradise about usIf you are traveling with non-divers, the beach of Orient Bay offers a wide rage of activities such as excursions in Jet Ski, parasail tours, hobby-cat, kayak, snorkeling… or just enjoy a bench on the beach.

Sylvie and Fabien, the founder of Neptune Dive, will advise you on all of what’s not to miss on the beautiful island of Saint Martin, fancy restaurants, cozy bars, comfy hotels, and where to find the best ambiance. Don’t hesitate to contact us via this form below.


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