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This month "Pics of the Caribbean Islands", I would like to start by Saba. I went to this small island last month for few days. Saba is so different than Anguilla... Dubbed the 'Unspoiled Queen', low-key Saba (pronounced SAY-ba) has strikingly little tourism. Both the smallest and loftiest of the Netherlands Antilles, the island isn't a typical Caribbean powdered-sugar beach destination - in fact, it has hardly any beaches at all.


View from my Lodge, click here to in larger size


Pics of the Caribbean Islands: Saba, a paradise in Caribbean for hikers

Instead, ruggedly steep Saba has beautiful scenery, good hiking and pristine diving. Its handful of villages are spotlessly neat, close-knit and quiet - making Saba better for peaceful unwinding than for rollicking nightlife. This is the Caribbean without the beachcomber tack.


From the path to Mt Scenery (2877') Windwardside view

At first glance, Saba appears more like a misplaced Alpine community than part of the West Indies. At the tip of an immense underwater mountain, the island looms out of the sea, with no pause for lowlands or beaches. Saba's central volcanic peak, Mt Scenery, is cloaked in clouds, and with only 1500 inhabitants, it's one of the gentlest and friendliest places in the Caribbean.

Path to Mt Scenery from Ecolodge Rendez-vous

Pics of the Caribbean Islands. Attractions: Mt Scenery

The island's premier hike is to the top of Mt Scenery, a strenuous climb up a virtual nonstop run of stairs (1064 in all) that ends at the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The clearly marked trail begins at the side of the road a short walk west of the tourist office in Windwardside.


You'll get a close-up view of an elfin forest with its lush growth of ferns, tropical flowers and epiphyte-covered mahogany trees, and if clouds don't roll in, the summit provides panoramic views of Saba and neighbouring islands. There are signboards along the trail and a few shelters for shade.

Saba has one beach... but it is a wandering beach.


Amazing Rain Forest


The Bottom - Tipical Caribbean house


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