Pete Cabrinha

Pete CabrinhaThere are some days you keep as best memories for all your life.
Since the first day in Hawaii, I got a lot of them. But one day was very special for me: Meet Pete Cabrinha at Kite Beach on this bench with all his team rider.

(April 09)

When I met Pete Cabrinha last week, I was really excited... After reading so many articles about him, following the Cabrinha Kiteboarding evolution since the beginning and being a Cabrinha international  dealer since 3 years - meeting Pete was my advanced birthday gift (I was born in May ;-))


Pete CabrinhaPete Cabrinha: Big Wave Surfer

Born in Oahu, living in Maui, Pete is growing near to Kailua Beach and it was natural to get his surf boar when he was 6. For me, it was bicycle in Paris. He became a pro windsurf right after the end of high school, spending time on the windsurfing circuit, traveling the best spots of the world.

Pete was the first got strap in this "gun" for surfing Maui's Monsters, that's the beginning of the tow surfing. Pete surfed the world's largest measured wave in competition: a 70ft in Maui. Respect...

Pete discovered the growing new sport - Kite surfing with Manu Bertin. This French and original Kitesurfer is one the pioneers of this sport where he started to develop it in 1990. Manu came in 1995 to Maui Kite Beach with his Wipika kite and a surfboard...

During this time it was 2 lines and no safety system at all...

Pete CabrinhaPete Cabrinha realized the potential of this new sport in light wind and no waves. he created his own brand Cabrinha Designs.

In 2001 Neil Pryde and Pete Cabrinha created “Cabrinha” kites. Today Cabrinha Kiteboarding is the main brand in this industry. This brand makes the major development of this extreme and addictive sport.


Photograph, Artist

Everybody knows Pete Cabrinha is a legend on the water, however I discovered the artistic side of Pete.
He invited me to his studio and I was charmed by his images. Photographer, a painter and a graphic designer, Pete is a complete artist with a fresh sensibility. (I thought to myself - he must have French blood ;-)...)
I really love his painting, a sensible mix of photos, oil painting and graphic elements.

Mother Sea & Nature is part of his creativity and with intelligence, he combines different medias to design, create his own line and style: I would call it a "water contemporary".

The ocean is an unending source of inspiration for me. It continually provides unexpected visual vistas above and below its surface. My relationship with the ocean goes far beyond the water’s edge. The ocean has taught me humility and respect and has given me a lively hood which allows me to remain personally connected and dedicated to it." Pete Cabrinha.


Pete CabrinhaA Family Guy

Pete is blessed by life. I have met his beautiful Angels. Lisa, his wife is a successful business woman, a designer of Letarte who owns a brand of Luxe swim and clothing line. Letarte was created in 2000 with her sister and became already a recognized as a desirable brand worldwide.
I have bought some of her products to my wife Tal and she loved them!

I guess next time, before even going to Kite Beach, I will start my trip at Paia (where Lisa's shop is located).
Together, Pete and Lisa have a beautiful daughter Tahiti (I want the same...). Tahiti is 6 years old and speaks French.
I was touched when she sang for me "Frère Jacques", that I did not hear this song since I was her age.

I would like to Thanks a lot Pete "Mahalo", Lisa and Tahiti for your welcome to your sanctuary. I am very proud to be able to spend time with you.

Our passion of riding, mother sea, painting and love need no words... vibrations and good energies were all there. This day with you was very special for me.

Please Do not change...

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