Nirvana Charters

by Bryan Blaze

Nirvana Charters

From Spanish Virgin Islands, US & British Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands, to Windward Islands & Beyond…

Every Caribbean season Nirvana Charters will voyage throughout the Eastern Caribbean Islands chasing swells and wind in search of perfect conditions for surfing & kite boarding. Relax aboard our charter boats, dive in for undersea explorations, beach comb or hike ashore experiencing natural wonders and dine on the Caribbean’s finest foods .

Nirvana Charters have explored the entire Virgin, Leeward and Windward island regions and Nirvana Charters are the world’s best cruising grounds with: consistent trade winds, seasonal swells, short inter-island passages, numerous surf breaks and kite boarding spots, pristine reefs and deserted beaches that encompass the Nirvana Charters surf & kite adventures.

Surf, kite, fish, snorkel and dive on colorful reefs, lounge or swim about pristine island beaches of your dreams. View rare species and hike through tropical rain forests. Visit geological sites and colonial ruins, experience rich and diverse island cultures and communities. Enjoy fresh sea foods and island cuisine’s. Surf and kite secluded secret spots enjoying memories that last a lifetime.

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