NEW VIDEO - Travel series #7 - Cape Verde

by Jeremie Tronet


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Tavel video series #7 - Cape Verde (Feat. Mitu Monteiro & Mallory De La Villemarqué)


This is the 7th episode of my travel series.

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Last year, after my trip to Brazil, Mallory de la Villemarqué contacted me and asked if I wanted to go to Cape Verde, he had previously checked the wind & wave conditions and was pretty exited to check out this famous wave of ponta Preta, and it was also a good excuse to pay a visit to Mitu Monteiro !

So together with Manu Morel (our photographer) we flew to Cape Verde for a two weeks trip surfing and kitesurfing one of the most beautiful wave I have had the chance to see.

This movie was made in collaboration with Kitesurf Magazine France. Most of it was shot by Manu Morel on a 5D mark II.

Thanks to Fun and Fly and the hotel Morabeza for their support.

Jeremie Tronet NEW VIDEO - Travel series #7 - Cape Verde

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