Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer 2011 Launch

by Jessica Winkler

Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer 2011 Launch

Are you a kitesurf girl? Do you stand out in a crowd? Are you more comfortable in the air than on the ground?

Nominate yourself or a friend who you think is doing great things in kitesurfing, or who is positively influencing others in your kiteboarding circles, for inMotion Kitesurfing’s “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer 2011”.

Kitesurf Girls Making a Difference

If you are this girl you already know the guy to girl ratio is a single girls dream, but as one of the fastest growing sports in the world we have a responsibility to influence more women to get involved in kitesurfing. For example, at the last spot I kited at in the USA, a girl came up to me on the beach and said she had never seen a girl kitesurf there before. Her boyfriend was trying to convince her to try but she was too scared… until she saw me outride most of the boys… She was really interested in knowing how I got my start and by the end of the conversation she was stoked to get a lesson. Let’s face it, sitting on a windy beach assisting guys launch and land their kites is not relaxing, so why not get out there and enjoy the fun as well?

Influential Kitesurf Girls

For you girls who are trying to make it in the kitesurfing world, and would like a little help getting the exposure you need, nominate yourself. Show the world that you are working hard paving your way. Being an influential kite girl doesn’t mean you have to be a pro. It means that you are stepping out, going your own way, or doing something positive in the industry. It’s a girl who is not afraid to stand out or fail. We are looking for an ordinary girl who is being “extraordinary” in the sport of kiteboarding.

Personal Story
Jessica Winkler

Over the past 9 months i have been pursuing a career in kitesurfing. I’ve managed to get sponsored by various great companies, but I still need to work on the PR myself. I spend countless hours on the internet blogging, tweeting, posting photos and writing articles. A few months ago I decided to write an article for inMotion kitesurfing and the response has been overwhelming. inMotion Kitesurfing has helped me get world wide exposure and recognition that I only could have got with months and months of hard work.

Be the Next Most Influential Girl!

The girl who wins this competition will receive sponsorships from Fuel Clothing and Litewave Kiteboards. The winner will also get a Premium Membership on Hookit.

For more information, and to nominate yourself, or someone else you think is doing extraordinary things in kitesurfing, visit the “Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer” competition page by clicking

Written by Jessica Winkler

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