Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010


EPIC THURSDAY - Records a plenty : first to 55 knots !

The wind blew up to 45 knots today and the organizers decided to build a retaining wall after the finish of the run to keep the water in at low tide. This paid huge dividends today and many records were smashed !

Incredible :

Rob Douglas (USA) is the new Outright Speed Sailing Record holder with 55.65 knots!

thierry dehove,canon 5d mark II,paris 

Before that, Sébastien Cattelan was the 1st to 55 knots and at last, he is the new speed sailing Record Holder of France and Europe with 55.49 knots (102.6 km/hr).

Alex Caizergues, also from France is 3rd with 54.93 knots.

The Top 3 of the day is totally incredible and they represent the future of this amazing sport.

New South African record with Basil Cambanis – 50.75 knots.

Taro Niehaus, also South African, was just behind him with 50.59 knots. New Slovinian record of 46.60 knots for Jernej Privsek!

thierry dehove,canon 5d mark II,paris 

For the ladies, 2 French girls battled it out and Charlotte Consorti set new female World Record in Speed Sailing – 50.43 knots. So, she is the first woman in History, to beat the barrier of the 50 knots!

Sophie Routaboul, the organizer, kept her 48.64 knots couldn’t do nothing more with her hand she broke at the beginning of the event.

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