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I'm sorry you won't find here jackass or even Saturday night live video clips.

If you're looking jackass video clips, i'm sorry ;-). This page is about Kitesurfing Video Clips, and kite video clip, let me introduce the best video made by Stance Magazine. Stance Magazine is magazine of Kitesurfing with professional graphic layout (I'm a Art Director in advertising and printing since 20 years), beautilful photos and interesting articles. They give a DVD when you buy it.


Dont worry, these Kitesurfing Video Clips are in French / English and multi zone !

Need to relax a little bit ?
The Kitesurfing Video Clips Stance DVDs are made for you !

10€ per DVD plus 6€ shipping (no matter if you take 1, 2 or 3 DVDs)

DVD Hors serie 2004

130 min, 12,50 US

- Learn Kitesurfing
- Video Takoon 2004 "Play04" (Dominican Republi, Sri Lanka, Peru, Brazil, Hawai, Yemen, Morroco and France)

DVD 19

180 min, 12,50 US

* WInter Tour 2004
* Scène Espagnole
* Film Magic Sunglasses
* New Zealand
+ 13Daze
Video Naish International 2004

DVD 18

100 min, 12,50 US

Special Moves
+ de 110 moves, from simple move to back mob jump.
* Bonus Mondial du Vent 2004

Watch the preview !
(7Mo. real player required)

DVD 15

80 min, 12,50 US

- Cabo Verde WaveMasters
- Winter Tour
- Mondial Du Vent/ Leucate First Kite Speed contest
- Interview Bertrand Fleury
- Boat Trip in Grenadines
- Dubaï
- Tarifa
- Bump & Jump Kite Control System demo.
- and more ...

Bonus: ride blind

Watch the preview !
(7Mo. real player required)

DVD 16

+90 min, 12,50 US

- PKRA Fuerteventura
- Tandem experience
- KPWT results
- Young guns
- Trip in Peru
- Ben Wilson profile
- and more ...

Bonus: An extract of the last Takoon Family Tour DVD, Handle Passes & KiteLoops explained by Martin Vari himself, Morocco Trip

Watch the preview !
(7Mo. real player required)

DVD 17

+90 min, 12,50 US

- Fone trip in Rodrigues
- Slider session in cabarete
- Crazy Montainboarding
- Interview of Hervé Bouré
- Kitesnow
- News...

Bonus: Bulk, Kitesurfing Video Clips, International festival of extreme sports

Kitesurfing Video Clips,
kite video clip with Stance Magazine

More Kitesurfing Video Clips are coming soon, if you have any questions that have been unanswered feel free to fill out the "Contact Stances" form and they will personally reply with the answers.

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