Kitesurfing Techniques

There are few basic kitesurfing techniques that are required for every kitesurfer. In kitesurfing, not like different sports - it is very important to know them before you just practic and practic


Not everyone has an advanced experience with other water sports and still - it is not necessary (although it can be very helpful). If kitesurfing is your first or one of your first water sports, then that just means that there are a few more techniques that you should work on mastering before you start.

There are a few steps and basic techniques you will have to learn in order to kitesurf.
One is - controling the kite.
And another one is - get stable on the board (while controling the kite).

Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing FAQ


A training kite
will be a greatfirst purchase, in order to learn how to control your kite. You could find these at most of the kite schools or kite shops at your area. Using this training kite will make it much easier to learn what you need to later on.

First, you should just work on being able to control the kite. Then, when you feel more control in holding the kite, you should practice allowing the kite to drag you short distances.


Working on the board techniques
Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing FAQis specially for people who have no advanced experience with water sports. The board step will come only after you control the kite and can manage it while dealing with the board under yourlegs.

Play with the board as much as you can, the more you practic, the better and more stable you will get. Practicing with different boards will also help you to figure out what boarding equipment is best for you.


After you have practiced these kitesurfing techniques,
then you should know enough to be able to start kitesurfing. However, if you are very new to the sport, it is definitely recommended that you take kitesurfing lessons from an expert instead of trying to teach yourself.

There is nothing more important than a good instructor and knowing all the safety rules and tips of kitesurfing techniques (read more)


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