Kitesurfing lessons Praia do Prea

by Nice Marques
(Praia do Prea, Ceara, Brasil)


The fly wind kite school is located in Preá beach, in front of the sea, perfect for learning kite surfing and offer the best wind around, also we are inside Sitio Phoenix Hotel .

Instructor Level 2 formed by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization).

Sun, great weather, wide and long beaches, several ponds with flats and shallow water,good wind and great food.

Prea Beach, One Of The Best Beaches In The World To Learn Kitesurfing.

we Speak: Português,Inglês,Espanhol,Françês

The Main purpose of school is to improve student learning kitesurfing, offering them the best places in the region, accelerating the development and making them in less time future sailors.

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