Kitesurfing Jibe Technique

Kitesurfing Jibe technique - what is the secret of a great jibing

What does kitesurfing Jibe Technique means?
Jibe describes the moment when you are having your kite high up and you change directions with the use of your feet on a board while going down with the wind direction. This is a popular method changing the riding directions using a direction rated than the board.

In order to create a jibe performance,
you will have to have keep a consistent speed on the water for a sustained period of time. Than you will pull the kite upwards at a 45 degree angle. This may be changable, depending on the weather conditions that you will be riding at. Pull your back foot from its foot strap and place it directly behind the front foot strap, which will cose the board's speed slowing down. At this point, you should feel the momentum. Than - bend your knees and pull the kite toward you and add weight towards the back foot, which should lift with the front. That is going to bring the board upwards and turn into the wind. At the moment that you have achieved the new direction, slide your feet back into position on the board.

To perform a really good professional jibe, you will have to keep and practic it again and again, to get the feel and footwork coordinated (you can work on it in and also out of the water). You may have problems transitioning your feet back into the strap, depends on the water conditions of the spot you are riding at.
Beginners should always have good footing before even attempting to perform kitesurfing jibe technique. If you are a beginner, you should move the feet once the jibe is completed instead of trying to move your feet at the air.
Your board should be rated as a directional board in order to make some great jibes.

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