Kitesurf girl: Maayke Tadema (Mika)

by Mika

thierry dehove,tropical paradise

Where are you from? I'm Dutch but I I'm living in Italy. During the winter time I travel to great kitespots around the world. In the summer I'm running Wind Riders My kitesurfschool at Lake Garda

Your age? 5/8/86

Where did you grow up? I grow up in a small Village named Elburg close to a small lake. At that lake I discovered windsurfing. First it was just paddling around but after discovering the sail we surfed! I remember biking with my surf-car full with my board and sails against the wind and the rain to the lake. Ones we got there we had to change underneath the one big tree. But than it was time to surf. We surfed until our hands where frozen and we couldn't hold on to the boom any more. Than in 2005 my windsurf friends started to kitesurf. So soon I the let me try it and i fell in love from the beginning. It still took some time before I really learned it and bought my own kite in 2006.

Tell me a little bit about yourself: When I finished university I started to work as a kitesurf instructor around the World. In 2008 I started my own kitesurf school: In the summer time from 1st of April until the end of October I’m most of the time in Italy at Lake Garda teaching in the school.

In the winter time I work abroad and travel. I did a season in the snow teaching snowkiting and snowboarding. I’ve kitesurfed in Australia, Marocco, Brazil and Dominican Republic. This winter I’ll compete in the KSP kitesurf tour and I’ll become an examiner for the IKO. (if everything goes as planned)

Music? I like all kind of relaxed music like Jack Johnson. At the moment Bruno Mars is one of my favourites.

Interested in..? Watersport and travelling

Food? Pizza and Pasta

Heroes? Kirsty Jones! she kites, surfs and windsurfs amazing! This is what I filled out here in 2007 and I had just seen her kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic. And offcourse she is still one of my heroes. This winter I’ll see her on the KSP tour, i’m really looking forward to see her in action. Also seeing all the other girls on the tour will be very inspiaring.

Favorite kite/surfing spots for you? Any where with waves. And I really like lake Garda it’s my home. Kitesurfing between the mountians is still magical for me.

How long have you been doing this? Windsurfing since 8 years old, kitesurfing since 2007

Why kite/surfing? It’s beautiful. Such a freedom to ride some waves unhooked, strapless on a surfboard J

What does your family think of this? My brother started soon after me with the kitesurfen and is totally hooked. My parents like it to watch. But they still windsurf.

What does this sport mean to you? It’s my life. Now that I had an apendix operation 2 weeks ago I get really frustrated not be aloud to go in the water and kite. But soon I’lll :)

Favorite tricks? I really like powered raileys, s-bend, f16 or hooked in kiteloops and transition tailslide. My favorite Freestyle trick to practise is railey to blind. I’ve made a few but it is far from perfect.. Than I like it to play around with my strapless surfboard. Tacking, jibing and jumping around with it is good fun here on the lake.

The best kitesurfsession i’ve had in my life are in the waves. The feeling of hitting the lip of the wave, of making a bottom turn with your body so almost horizontal, almost touching the water is beautiful.

What does this sport demand of you? I feel free, i don’t feel any demands.

Have you ever been in an accident? Nothing that I didn’t recover from.. wishes for the future. At the moment I’m very exited about going to compete in the KSP. Going to Mauritous, Peru and Cape Verde to kitesurf in the best waves will be epic. Than I wish that Wind Riders my kitesurfschool keeps doing well and than I can share my passion for kitesurfing with lots of people.

Than in a few years I vision a big catamaran to sail around the World to kite at different kitespots with friends. In the past years off travelling I’ve met such a nice people and it would great to see them again and to kitesurf with them at great spots

thierry dehove,tropical paradise

thierry dehove,tropical paradise

thierry dehove,tropical paradise

thierry dehove,tropical paradise

thierry dehove,tropical paradise 

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