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Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite RepairKiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair manufactures and sells repair products for the kiteboarding industry. The company is based in Montreal, Quebec and is owned by two entrepreneurs and kite boarders, Stephan Krajicek and Will Stevens.

Equipement failure is a reality in kiteboarding and many kite vacations have been ruined because of it. KITEAID has developed a line of repair products to get you back on the water faster than any other method. With our innovative design we are reducing the downtime of damaged kites and improving the usability of commercially available repair products.

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite RepairKiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair: History

KITEAID was born out of necessity after Stephan damaged his kite while kitesurfing in Cape Cod in 2007. Having no way to repair it there, he packed up and headed home.

Upon arriving home, Stephan and his roommate at the time, Will, began experimenting with the different repair products available. After a lot of frustration with the application and quality of the repairs, their entrepreneurial spirit took over and they decided to develop their own solution.

After sixteen months and hundreds of hours of research and development, KITEAID was born.

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair: Repair Centers

KITEAID REPAIR CENTER start-up kits were designed for individuals or existing kite establishments such as kite schools and repair shops as a way to offer fast, effective and professional repair services to their clientele. KITEAID’s solutions are cost effective and take a lot of the work out of traditional methods of repair. For kite schools the benefits are two fold.

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite RepairKITEAID allows them to repair their client’s kites easily and quickly making for happy clients. It also allows them to do in-house repairs to their own kites, decreasing downtime and operating costs and increasing the longevity of their kites.

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair is thrilled that kiters can now ride as hard as they want, knowing that if anything happens a repair can be completed, on site, in just minutes and they can get right back on the water!

Day Saver Kite

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair

The ultimate buzz insurance for any traveler! Designed to address any type of kite damage. Same repair kit used by our official KITEAID Repair Centers.


Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair

Bladder & Valve

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair

KITEAID BLADDER REPAIR is an advanced adhesive solution that outperforms the competition on a number of key attributes:

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair

Sail Repair Kit

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair

Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair

The inspiration for KITEAID SAIL REPAIR comes from the world of aerospace, where heat-sensitive adhesives are favoured due to their remarkable properties


Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair
Kiteaid Kitesurfing Kite Repair
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