Kite Turning Technique

Kite Turning Technique Kite Turning Technique

Kite Turning Technique - as a beginner or advanced

If you are a beginner, what you should do is bring your kite above your head, into the neutral position and put your body backwords, in the water, as if you would like to sit in the water. At this point, you will have full control on the kite and the board together. On the next step, you should bring your kite into the wind window at the direction that you would like to ride to. The wind will pull you up and you will be able to ride to the direction you wished for.

If you are a non beginer, jibing would be easier and faster way for you to turn. How is that process done? What is the best kite turning technique for that? Just slow down, flatten your board and reverse it on the water, bringing the rear foot around downwind to eventually become the new leading foot. What was actually done now is that you have reversed the kite direction, which is going to swing your path in a kind of half circle direction. As the turn will be over, the kite will fly infront of you again.

You should be careful and skillful while turning with the jibe technique, becaouse a poorly executed turn will "fly"you and is often followed by you falling into the water, in case you wont be able to put the board down at the right angle. The equipment has to include a quick release system (read more about), where the kite lines can be detached fromyour harness quickly because the kite can (unintentionally) power up after you fall and pull you against objects at uncontrollable speeds or under water.

Knowing good turning can not only prevent from hurting yourself in future, but could also save your life. Careless turning in high winds can easily swing one five meters (two stories) into the air and down uncontrolled into the water or on the ground in the worst case.


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