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Kite Surfing Tip Online


Kite surfing tip online: Some great tips for kite surfers:

tropical paradise kitesurfing equipment

tropical paradise kitesurfing equipment

Equipment tips:
Pump should be stored in a protective item, such as a bag or a box. Pumps break easily and are expensive to replace.

While cleaning up after kite session, kite lines should be always wrapped around the bar in a figure 8 pattern. This way the lines keeps clean, tight and easy to use for the next time.

Wrapping the harness around your kite keeps it from rolling open, and makes it easier to carry the kite around.

kite surfing tip online: In order to make it easier to deflate the kite, you should roll one side of the kite into the middle, and put the board against the rolled up side. At this point rolling the other side will prevent the side who had just been rolled up from rolling open again.

Flying lines stretch easily. If your kite flies skew your lines have probably stretched. Most kites fly to one side if the lines are stretched. What you can do is to swap your left lines to the right side every 2 - 3 weeks to avoid line stretching.
If your lines are already stretched, you can compensate for line stretching by moving the knots up and down on your kitesurf bar's leader lines, or by taking it to your local kite shop who will re-adjust and resleeve your line ends.

An important kite surfing tip online: The bar should be rinsed, same thing for wetsuit, harness and board. Don't skip that part and after each session make sure to rinse your gear in order to guaranty it's longer time to be good. It is not necessary to rinse the kite. A wet kite packed away will cause mildew and will only damage it.

Use surfboard wax or candle wax to wax your trim line and keep it from wearing through. Doing that on a weekly basis will assure that the trim line will last a long time.

Getting overpowered while kiting on the water with no ability to edge any harder, simply point the board downwind. This will put some slack on the lines and slow you down.

Kite surfing tip online - Caribbean Levels standards and Tips:



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tropical paradise kitesurfing equipment

Safety in Kiting

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tropical paradise kitesurfing equipment

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