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The Kite surfing St Martin Center offer a changing room, storage, fresh water, shower . It is located 300 meters from Palm court Hotel, just next to the Orient Bay Village. Bar and restaurants around the center. Sea kayak, waveski and surfboards are also available at the center. A dive center is next to us (Neptune dive) and a watersport (Kontiki watersport) for jet skis.

Tropical paradise about usIKO

The Wind adventures center School is approved by the International. Kitesurfing. Organisation. Our instructors will help you learn new skills according to your level, and we will deliver you the IKO Level card (worldwide recognized). IKO requires quality standards for teaching and safety respect. Wind adventures center is IKO school 155.

Kite surfing St Martin EFK

The Kite surfing St Martin School is also a certified French Kitesurfing School (Ecole Française de Kitesurf). We also respond to quality standard for safety, new gear, proficient and certified instruction, small groups. CNS wind adventures is certified EFK 99907 and did tuition to more than 1000 people.

Tropical paradise about usKite surfing St Martin Team

Our center is comprised of 4 people, with 2 certified and experienced Kitesurfing instructor. Emmanuel Demanez (Manu), school director who taugh more than 1000 people will find you the best program for your vacation (IKO Level 2 and french Brevet Professionnel kitesurf FFVL). Dominique Dagoreau, (IKO level 2 and french Brevet Professionel FFVL) will be your instructor and make you discover a new passion.

Kite surfing St Martin Gear

We have the best Kite Gear :
Epic kite equipment


Kite surfing St Martin Spot

Orient Bay is only for self suficients kitesurfers. The lauching area is dedicated at the Wind adventures center. From there, you can ride on the right of the bay (Papagayo lagoon), a recommended kitesurfing area. You can also get very good weve-riding there. Please, check the Notice to Kiters.


Kite surfing St Martin Weather

The tradewind blow year round at 12 knots. In winter, you might have 18 knots if your are lucky, but the 16 sqm are the surfaces mostly used. Take a 12 sqm if you are lucky. The windforecast are available at the Center everyday, so don’t hesitate to come down!

Tropical paradise about usKite surfing St Martin Lesson


We offer different program to match you need and level. Please, check our standard level page to find the program you wish.

You are first-timers?

You will need a One hour lesson to complete level 1-2-3 about safety rules, how to rigg your gear and how to steer the kite. This lesson is on land. Then, you will be ready to go in open water to practice kite-relaunching and body-dragging.
So, if you choose to learn kitesurfing on _ day, you will have to take the 1 hour on land lesson, and then two hours lessons. Or 1 hour lesson and _ day lesson.
Also for 3*1/2 day will be divided as following: 1 hour on land + 2 hours in open water+ 3 hours in open water.


We recommend you to take the one hour on land, and the 3 hours (half day) in open water.
Half day can be split in 2*1.5 hours for weather conditions.

You already learned kitesurfing in a school?

We will recommend you the 1/2 day sessions, don’t forget the day trip to Anguilla, where you can spend a wonderful day and increase you kite skills.


When do we do lessons?
Lessons are everyday on reservation. Please, book in advance to make sure we garanty you the lessons. Half day lessons are generally in the morning, whereas 1 hour or 2 hours lessons are in the afternoom.

Our boat is equiped with radio and first aid kitWe also provide assistance for Kitesurfers who are not familiar with sailing alone (only for riders going upwind), people who don’t go upwind are not allowed to ride without assistance in Orient Bay. Please, check with our school director to arrange assistance.Don’t forget, kitesurfing is a marine sport, people should be able to swimm and be confident in the water.


If you have any questions that have been unanswered feel free to fill out the "Contact Manu - Wind adventures center" form and he will personally reply with the answers and make suggestions as to how to choose the best program and the best package Kite + Hotel.



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