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Kite Surf Video
Jeremie is doing it again!!!!

You will find here the kite surf video and a great story
Jeremie Tronet sharring with Tropical Paradise!


Kite surf video above was taken by Jeremie Tronet.
The Caribbean is full of of various spots, each island is completely different and has so many different spots to offer.
After Barbados with its nice waves we came back to the Grenadines islands where we were for 10 days on the Ocean Rodeo catamaran. I wanted to go back there to be able to shoot my next video.

We flew from Barbados to St Vincent in Kingston where we spent a night and then caught a ferry to Union.
As soon as we came in the boat Linn mentioned that the boat looked familiar to her, and after few minutes she noticed that it was written all in Norwegian with the name of her city in Norway written on the life jackets. It was actually an old boat from Stavanger (where linn is from) which ended up in these small Caribbean islands. The contrast is really interesting.

best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

We arrived in Union where we already stayed 2 weeks. I found a really nice apartment right on the hill with an amazing view a few meters away from the spot. From our beds we can see Palm island and many other islands.
Lorenzo and Elody found this place for me, they are a very nice French couple living on the island with their two kids.

It is blowing almost everyday here with beautiful crystal clear water everywhere.

Luckily there was an amazing north swell, the whole Caribbean got an incredible swell with over 20 feet in Puerto Rico.
As soon as I saw that on Internet I tried to get a plane or a ferry to go to Barbados where the waves would have been huge. Unfortunately everything was full and the private planes a little to expensive.
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best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

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