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Kite stories from Jeremie Tronet

Kite stories - from Jere
mie Tronet

Kite stories by Jeremie:

best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

Sorry for the delay, but I have been so busy lately and I again didn't take the time to update the website .
I just spent 2 weeks in Vancouver island, on the west Canadian coast, close to the US border.

During this time, Linn and I went to the wind fest event, it is a kiteboarding event organized every year on the Nitinat lake. Ocean Rodeo set up the Crew event in the same time for the people to try the new 09 Rises venturi and the new set of boards !

I had a very good time during those 4 days at the lake, camping, kiting and partying a little with all the OR crew !
They also did a big a race and the 3 first riders were Ocean rodeo kiters on the Rise, which was great to show off the new gear

I had a couple of good session, we took some beautiful pictures. The water wasn't that cold in the lake.
Nitinat is a Native reserve with almost nothing around, only bears and cougars ...
The thermal wind there is pretty good, starting around noon and blowing & around 20 knots and more all afternoon.

Back from the event at Victoria in the OR head office, Ross ( the designer) and I worked on the new OR barre, and the new Diablo C kite .
The kite will be insane this year .. You must try it out soon as it will be available.

I also had some great time trying my new board the Zen Jeremie Tronet pro 129x39, with a sick design.

Today we are flying to Brazil. We are going to take the plane tomorrow to Miami where we gonna spend the day (maybe go shopping) before to take the next plane to Fortaleza and Cumbuco in Brazil and start the new season and 2009 photo shooting for the new gear !

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best tropical paradise best tropical paradise
best tropical paradise best tropical paradise

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