Kite Lesson Surfing

kite lesson surfing

First Jump... in 2003kite lesson surfing

kite lesson surfing
My gift..
to see him enjoy this amazing sport...

kite lesson surfing

kite lesson surfing

kite lesson surfing

Thierry was my kite lesson surfing teacher. I met him in 2003. I arrived to Anguilla with my wife and son to stay at a family home we have there. We were going to be there for three months so I decided that I wanted to learn a water sport called "Kite Surfing".


I spent a couple weeks asking if anyone knew a kite surfing instructor on the island of Anguilla. A friend mentioned that he saw a guy kitesurfing down at Cove bay on the western end of Anguilla. He said that the guys name is "Thierry". He told me that Thierry was in the web site business and I could find him in the Anguilla Phone book.


Long story short -- I found Thierry finally!

Thierry, I sure wish was around then. It would of made my life a whole lot easier for booking kite surfing lessons and scuba diving trips.


I called Thierry one evening asking if he gave kite surfing lessons and although he didn’t give lessons, he was experienced enough to take me out and show me a few tricks and make a new friend!


We met on the beach the next day and had an absolute blast. I had no idea what I was doing, however after a few sessions I picked up the sport like a natural.


Thierry is now my best buddy in Anguilla and we share amazing times together. We meet at lunch time to get out and kite surf, in the evenings and on the weekends. We even get to kite surf with people who have planned their own private kite surfing vacation through and because we know it’s such an amazing place to learn to kite surf with empty beaches and beautiful surroundings, we have decided to work together to help you plan your ultimate Caribbean Travel Vacation.


We hope that one day you will have caribbean testimonials to share with us.


Thanks Again Thierry for making Anguilla my ultimate vacation destination!

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