Kite in Anguilla Meads Bay

by Thierry
(Anguilla BWI)

Kite in Anguilla Meads Bay

Kite in Anguilla Meads Bay

Kite in Anguilla Meads Bay:

Country: Anguilla Island

Spot name: Meads Bay

Recommended accommodations: Ferry Boat inn hotel, right on the beach, not far from the spot.

Best wind time of the year: Between December to March

Average wind statistics at season: 15 - 25 knots

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Water conditions: Warm, clean, flat usually.

Obstacles: Almost none.

Related information about Meads Bay:

Northwest coast, west of Long Bay. Quiet. Swimming is excellent. Very good spot for surfing and Kitesurfing with a north or northeast wind.

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