Kai Lenny Oxbow : Riding JAWS - PREMIERE - episode 1

by Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny Oxbow : Riding JAWS - PREMIERE - episode 1

19-year old Kai Lenny takes all his toys down to JAWS as the conditions become epic. Dropping into a 25 foot+ wave is hectic enough, now add in trying to paddle into one of these beasts and it's a different story.

Birthdate: 10/08/1992

Feature: Waterman

Favourite spots: Maui

Kai Lenny is a brand new prodigy born and bred in Hawaii.

A pure Maui “waterman” who lives for and right next to the ocean.

Born in 1992 in Hawaii, Kai is precocious when it comes to any water boardsport:

stand up paddle, tow-in surfing, kitesurf, windsurf, body surf…

He lives only for boardsport, and his days are dominated by his disciplines.

2010 was the year he achieved recognition with 1st place at the Stand Up Paddle World Championship, 1st place at the Hawaii Island Finals SUP pro, and again at the Sunset Beach SUP pro.

Laird Hamilton’s spiritual son, Kai aims to become a universal icon.

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