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Julien Sudrat Teahupo Tahiti

best tropical paradise

Julien, I and Richard Bouddhia in Martinique (2005)

best tropical paradise

tropical Pradaise

Julien Sudrat
the Waterman

Julien Sudrat has the a great waterman spirit.
Special story about a special kiter.

Julien Sudrat I met at the year 2000.

At this time he was one the best windsurfer in Europe. The kite just started to be discovered in Bordeaux.

A good friend of me Jean Pierre from Neway’s shop, a guru of riding in Bordeaux imported the first wipika with 2 lines, large, no safety system this period ;-)..

Everybody was looking at Jean Pierre as he was an "alien" but today, a few years after we know that he was the father of the kitesurfing in this area and I'm sure in France too.

On this days I used to work at printing with Julien’s father, Daniel, who asked me to help his son for designing his portfolio. That was my first meeting with Julien.

It didn't take a long time for Julien to realize that the kitesurfing was for him... Jean-Pierre gave him one kite, one wakeboard, gave some tips and after few hours he was jumping and he got this sport in no time... Julien won the Kite World championship in 2001... He created many tricks and right now so many kids are using them without even know that Julien is the father of those tricks ;-)

Today we know the rest... Julien became and still one the best kite rider on this planet, he’s the pure spirit of wave rider. Complete sportsman.

Today Julien lives his dream in Tahiti with his family, surfing the most and dangerous wave on this world: Teahupo.

(This page is for Daniel, RIP.... I miss you Dany...)

Some more of Julien Sudrat photos:

best tropical paradise best tropical paradise
best tropical paradise best tropical paradise
best tropical paradise best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

best tropical paradise

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