Jesse Richman: World Record Kiteboard Flying from 790ft

by Jesse Richman

Watch 2013's Red Bull King of the Air perform a 790-foot tow-up over the Colombia River Gorge in Oregon. This stunt has never been accomplished by a kiteboarder before.

Stunt man -- Jesse Richman

Stunt Coordinator -- Jon (Bam Bam) Malberg

Director/Cameraman - Michael Peterson

Edit: Olivier Sautet

Production Crew

Director/Cameraman - Michael Peterson

Additional Camera work:

Kevin Tokstad

Kevin Donald

Rod Parmenter

Bryan Metcalf Perez

Still Photography Director -- Richard Hallman

Additional Photogrpahers:

Adam Lapiere

Mariva England

Randy Orzeck


Boat Driver - Eric Otterholt

Safety Jet Ski -- Mike Duhaime

Heather Beamer

Audrey Davis

The Elsasser Family

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