Jerome, kitesurfing in Brazil

by Jerome C.

our buggy in Brazil!!!!

our buggy in Brazil!!!!

kitesurfing in Brazil was crazy days!!! During 3 weeks, I went to
Brazil with 3 friends to Ceara (North East) to discover these hugh
kite wild and windy spots.
Brazil, tropical paradise, beach Brazil exotic, synonymous with
escape? Not only! Speak to the amateurs of wild nature, who dream to
leave towards the Amazonian forest, Pantanal (large marsh, paradise of
the ornithologists) or the falls of Iguaçu, without forgetting the 8
000 km of coasts.

Urban culture and culture of the body make of Rio de Janeiro, one of
the world capitals of the pleasure of living. In the imaginary one of
the traveller, the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, made mythical by
the singers of worked nova, dispute it with the sambas of the

It was rocking to do kitesurfing in Brazil....all this wind, never
stops to blow, great waves and crazy adventure!!
Brazil was a destination of dream, country of the interbreeding, the
magic rates/rhythms and the nostalgic melodies, we remained ourselves
on this area which accounts for only 5% of Brazil and already we fell
in love with this area.

We went to Cumbuco South, the "night life" is more sympathetic,
developed better by the local businesses on the other hand the spot is
not extraordinary for somebody who seeks waves to be jumped... However
while leaving towards north, we have to find the spot of Best, an
immense lagoon near to the sea with a water level which looks like a
giant swimming pool on which more than 25 knots return... imagine the
tricks that you can work, in more it is fresh water and far from
deep... this spot can be busy.
Was realy good times kitesurfing in Brazil....

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Aug 02, 2008
Coming back this year
by: Ge

Hey, man

Brazil missing you too,
Checkout the new photos I have added!

You have to come visit again, the weather here is amazing, there's wind ALL THE TIME, it is really awesome...
Hope to see you and your girl here soon.

I'll keep you updated!



Sep 18, 2007
by: Jennie

cool car
can i catch a ride,man

Sep 10, 2007
miss Brazil
by: Thierry Dehove

Hi Ge,
when are we coming back to this Paradise ?
it was wild and fantastic

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