Jeremie Tronet's The St Lucia Kite Fiesta

by Jeremie Tronet

Jeremie Tronet's The St Lucia Kite Fiesta

Jeremie Tronet's The St Lucia Kite Fiesta

Jeremie Tronet's The St Lucia Kite Fiesta

This years St Lucia kite fiesta is just over and I am now back on Union island after a short 30min flight with Nico’s plane.

The event was great, I had so much fun hanging around some really nice people. St Lucia is a small island between the island of Martinique and the island of St Vincent down here in the Caribbean. It has several really nice kite spots along the coast but it’s at Vieux Fort, precisely at the reef kiteschool we attended the contest.

It was organized by Daniel, Cecile and Jolien and I wanted to thanks them so much for everything they did for the event and for the island of St Lucia.

After our arrival Friday afternoon I met up with Dimitri Maramenides other pro kiter and founder of Epic kiteboarding ( kite brand). It was really nice meeting him and his wife Helen, they are really cool people and I hope to see them in the near future around their coast lines !

After a very nice opening ceremony the Friday night , the Saturday started under the rain … The spot hadn’t see any rain for a long time so it was pretty unlucky to start the event like that. But the riders, Dimitri and I tried to make the best of it. We didn’t run any hits but tried to have some fun on the beach between the gusts powered by the rainy clouds passing by.

The Sunday was a complete other story. From early in the morning the wind was already blowing with not a sign of cloud in the sky. The day was on for some great action on the south tip of St Lucia.

We started with a 30 min hit where all the riders got the chance to show of their tricks to the crowed which was gathering on the beach. The sun was up and the colors amazing.

I then took care of the microphone laying their on a table and started to comment on the day and speaking about anything I could think of which got along well with the people listening on the beach.

The day went along smoothly between the various hits and games we organized on the beach with Dimitri. We decided to run a very funny race between kids and kiters which was a lot of fun for everyone who got to participate.

You can check out the various pictures of this amazing event that just happened this past week end on the island of St Lucia.

I ended first in the freestyle competition followed by many talented riders locals and from other countries as well. Linn took the second place just behind Beth living on the island and who’s riding skills have improved a lot !

I wanted to thanks everyone at the Reef kiteschool, local riders and other riders who participated

Thanks to Nicolas and his plane who brought us back safely to Union island.

Enjoy the various pictures and share this post if you like it.

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