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Jeremie Tronet kite adventure

mie Tronet shares his kite adventures with Tropical Pradise

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Jeremie Tronet latest news:
My trip in Coche was very very Nice, Linn and I spent a month there staying in one of the hotels close to the spot. We went there to get enough freestyle footage for the next movie I am editing now.
Venezuela was the last place we visited in our trip to the Caribbean.

We started in Martinique where we rented a small chalet and stayed a month.

Next we left on a 10 days cruising in the Grenadines on a 46 feet catamaran.
Back from the trip the skipper dropped us off on the island of St.Lucia.
There we met David Hastilow and some local riders who helped us to discover the island and it's various spots.
From St.Lucia we took a plane to Barbados and its nice waves for 10 days.
After St.Lucia we took a plane to St.Vincent, and a ferry to the islands of the Grenadines.
We have spent over 2 months on Union Island, kiting, filming and fishing ... this place is just amazing.

After the 2 months in Union we decided to go to Coche island in Venezuela, it is a very good freestyle spot and the season is going towards its end, so it is less crowded on the spot.

I am now back in Europe for few weeks, my plane landed in Nice on the French Riviera while my girlfriend Linn went back in Norway for a couple of months.
I came here to renew my passport, it was becoming old and the picture was peeling off , so I started to have some problems with the customs offices in some countries.

After this long trip I now have over 20 hours of video and thousands of pictures I have to digitize and select for my next video for my next kite stories.
I arrived in France 4 days ago, since then I have spent my days behind the computer watching everything again and again.

Jeremie Tronet says: I hope I will be able to go kite with some of my friends with whom I started my first competitions years ago ( Adrien Jaujou, etc...). They live close and it will be nice to see them again.
I also spend some of my time visiting some family and friends I haven't seen in a long time before I go back around the world again.
For the moment I am here for the next week, next I might fly to Tarifa for a week to do some demo with the Spanish Ocean rodeo dealer Albreto.
I will be back in France just on time to maybe get my passport back and "maybe" go on a trip to Peru for 2 weeks maximum to shoot the 2009 Ocean rodeo gear.

Jeremie Tronet tells: After Peru I will fly back to France and then Norway to visit Linn and maybe do a trip along the Norwegian coast. This country is cold, but very beautiful.

Then, mid august, I 'll have to fly back to Canada on Vancouver island to the Ocean rodeo head office to work on the gear and for the Nitinat event they organize on a beautiful lake with wild nature and Indian reserve. I love this part of the world.
After Nitinat in august ..... many many more destination are planned but I won't start to do the listing, it will be boring for you to read it.

You can also check the next Kiteworld where the Catamaran trip in the grenadines should be present on over 8 pages with beautiful pictures !

Jeremie Tronet message :The world is Huge but you can make it small, travel more !

see ya around !"


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