Jeremie Tronet Tanzania

Jeremie Tronet Tanzania

August 2010. Jeremie Tronet Tanzania. what's up guys ?

find here my latest website update.
here is a teaser with a couple shots, the rest of it is available on
thanks Jeremie

If you have followed me on facebook  or twitter, you have already been spoiled with some breath taking pictures of the new Razor kite and my pro model board the JT pro 138◊42 and 132◊40. All of those were taken here, on the island of Zanzibar where I am spending  a few weeks to shoot most of the 2011 Ocean Rodeo product line, a new video for my travel series, and generally having a good time.

The island is only a few miles away from Tanzania on the south east coast of Africa. The landscapes here are amazing, the people very friendly and the wind has been blowing almost every day since we arrived.

We are staying on the east coast of the island at Paje, the main kitespot here where all READ THE REST OF THIS STORY HERE:

Jeremie Tronet Tanzania Jeremie Tronet Tanzania
Jeremie Tronet Tanzania

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