Jeremie Tronet, Norway

by Jeremie Tronet

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I know, it has been a long time since the latest news, but I have been very busy working on my next movie, I didn't take the time to update the website.

I am now in Norway since a month. Just after my trip to Spain and France, I flew to Stavanger, the 3rd biggest city of Norway, on the south west of the country.

I am went here to see my girlfriend Linn, and work on my next film: "FREEstyle"

After over 200 hours of editing I finally finished the whole DVD ! Few people already had the chance to watch and just loved it.


It am taking some time because I will introduce the first online DVD streaming ever, with chapters, subtitles and high resolution quality. I have to create the whole page in flash and have some trouble finding the right way to do it so if you have great skills in action script and streaming cue point and xml subtitle u are welcome to send me an email ;) !

You will know more about it very soon.

At the moment, I am still around Norway traveling along the coast seeking for some wind that we unfortunatly don't find.
Norway is an amazing country with beautiful fiords and landscape, I really enjoy to stay here, it is completely different than the other places I am use to be.
Luckily, we got some very nice weather with blue sky and 30°C, which make us enjoy the place even more and gave us the opportunity to wakeboard without wetsuit in the fiords because of the bad wind forecast.


With Linn we are flying to Paris the 8th of August and then Vancouver in Canada, on the west coast the 9th!
My main sponsor, Ocean Rodeo is based on Vancouver island and they organize a very nice event on a beautiful Lake Nitinat every year. It will be the occasion for me to test the 09 gear do the photoshooting and sign the next contract for the next season starting in less than a month.

After Canada, I will be doing a trip along the British Colombia coast and the west coast and some demo around San Francisco, and maybe the surf expo ...
Then we will be going with Linn in Brazil at Cumbuco for the yearly training.

For 2009, the new gear will be wicked !! with a new bar, great innovation on the Rise, a better design and the new 2009 Jeremie Tronet pro zen board 129x39 coming with thick air pads.

We are still working on the new diablo kite which is the freestyle C kite I use.

Lately Linn and I got some very good magazine coverage with the Martinique Trip in the new The kiteboarder on 6 pages, The beautiful grenadine islands feature on 8 pages the latest KITEWORLD magazine and the martinique trip on the german magazine

I will definitely let you know as soon as the DVD is online. Have a great summer !

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