Jeremie Tronet - New travel series video website

by Jeremie Tronet
(Kite World)

Jeremie Tronet - New travel series video website

A lot of people often ask me where can they watch the first episodes of my travel series like Zanzibar, Grenadines or St Martin.

Most of these had been taken offline for some exclusivity rights I had with TV channels. I am now able to publish back the videos online.

This is why we created, a website bringing together all of the 8 episodes of the first season of the Travel Series, the three last episodes of the new season 2 and where the next episodes will be featured.

I will also post tips on filming, editiing and the right gear to use to shoot cool kiteboarding videos.

So feel free to browse around the website to watch the new episodes and have a look at the older ones you might have missed.

Don't hesitate to help us share it on your websites and social medias !

Thanks for your support.

Jeremie Tronet

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