Jeremie Tronet Los Roques

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Jeremie Tronet Los Roques. I have now been with Linn in the archipelago los Roques for a little more than 10 days.
We came from Coche on the sail boat Houat. The cruising took about 25 hours, sailing north west to these beautiful islands, we even had the chance to meet a few dolphins and whales on our way.

Once arrived, we first sailed around these amazing islands seeking the best ones to kite around.
Los Roques are consisting of over 300 islands and sand bars, which make it a paradise for all kitesurfers.
The water and the colors here are some of the most beautiful on earth and it is my favorite location together with the Grenadines.
The wind have been very good with over 20 to 30 knots wind everyday !

Jeremie Tronet Los Roques on Sail Boat Houat

We were sailing with Raoul, the Captain, and Mar the first mate. Not only knowing all the best spots to go and sail to, Raoul is a great cook ! Everyday we had amazing dinners and lunches using only fish ( makrell, snapers, baracoudas,...) , conch shells, or lobsters we fished. 

4 days ago, at Carenero, we went fishing lobsters and sting rays with some local fishermen.
I had the chance to catch a few lobsters and a 30 kilo Sting ray we ate the next days cooked by Raoul and Mar.
We had the best time on Houat and I invite you to check out his website if you one day are tempted on sailing in Los roques:

Jeremie Tronet Los Roques


We are now back in Gran Roque, the main island where most of the hotels and guesthouses are located, we will now stay in a beautiful Italian owned guesthouse called Albacora:

Jeremie Tronet Los Roques in Grand Roque

Staying in the best guesthouse on the island, we will be able to explore the islands and bring stunning pictures and videos by simply travel between the islands with taxi-boats, we will be back every night on Grand Roque to eat, sort out the pictures and rest till the next sessions !

Our return flight to Europe is schedule for the 15th of may, but the numerous islands and places to shoot amazing pictures oblige us to stay a little longer so will will intent on rescheduling our return ticket !

More news of this amazing trip in my next update on


Jeremie Tronet Los Roques

Jeremie Tronet Los Roques

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