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Jeremie Kitesurfing & Shares a New Site

Jeremie Kitesurfing and brings to you a great new website.
Check it out...

Jeremie Kitesurfing & shares:
" Hi everybody,
After many hours of work after kiting, I finally finished the brand new !
It is a 100% new fullscreen flash website in English, French and Spanish.
Enjoy the new features:
-follow the news ! I gave more importance in the news and will be updating the them with stories and pictures weekly from some of the best places in the world!


- check out the biography and sponsor presentation.
- the new photo gallery with many different kiteboarding pictures royalty free. You need a kite picture in high resolution for your website or anything else? send me an email with the name of the picture and gallery and I will send you the picture free of charge in high resolution.

Everything you need to see and know about water sports and vacations in the Caribbean and also all over the world. All about Kitesurfing, windsurf, scuba diving, catamaran trip around the islands, amazing beaches, views...and more... Because with Tropical Paradise - The world is a small place.
Jeremie Kitesurfing

- video gallery with all my videos from the beginning
- Gear with a description of the gear I use and the possibility to buy all zeal optics glasses with a 20% reduction on my zeal pro website.
- Extra : download beautiful wallpaper, buy "The kiteboarder" 2009 calendar online, check out some trick explanation.
- Martinique: A description of all the spot you can find in Martinique, the Caribbean island.
- Forum: Comment the news, ask a question about a trick you are trying to land, post your video, ask about your next destinations, I'll try to answer asap.
- FREEstyle DVD check out my latest online DVD for free !
- Contact for any inquiries.
-Where the heck am I ? : You can find out where I am and useful information about the place on this link.
- "Remove content" and "allwo content to watch the full screen background as a photo gallery.

Subscribe to the newsletter sending you email address at and receive all the new updates and pictures each time the website will be updated.

Have fun & enjoy

Jeremie Tronet"

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